At pioneer windows and doors we provide excellent window installation replacement, repair and other window services. After you have your windows installed there are several other window projects that don’t require professionals.

There are simple things that can be done by homeowners on a regular basis to keep those windows nice, clean and attractive. A little maintenance goes a long way. It extends the life of those windows, reduces your hydro bill and prevents any window problems in the future.

The window and door experts have listed down these four most effective tips for maintaining your windows. You don’t have to be a professional to keep those windows clean. Here’s what you can do to maintain your new windows without spending a lot of money:


Check your windows every season: Home windows are exposed to climate change. It’s important that you inspect your windows each season for any rot in the wood windows, rust in the metal windows or any obvious breakage or external damage. In triple or double pane windows you should check for signs for moisture such as water condensation. Moisture trapped in the windows means the seals have failed and that will affect your energy efficiency. Plan to check all moving parts i.e. checking whether these windows open all the way. Any mechanical issues or movement problems indicate structural issues with the windows and that part needs replacement.


Repaint your windows: Wood and metal window frames should be repainted every few years. It could be every 6 months as well it all depends on the climatic conditions of the place you are living in. Repainting windows protects them from the elements such as rot and rust. Newly painted windows look much nicer and help to improve the overall appearance of your home.


Reseal your windows: Techniques like weathersripping and sealants are using to improve energy efficiency of windows. Sealing procedure doesn’t last forever but it can be replaced at first sign of damage or wear. Sealing products are inexpensive and can yield substantial energy savings when done consistently.


Clean your windows: Most people clean their windows for the sake of attractiveness or to improve their view. Cleaning windows has many other important functions that come under the category of long-term maintenance. Its important to clean the window frame, casing and nearby wall areas as well as the window glass. It prevents buildup of direct and debris and can later lead to window jams and other problems.


A little regular maintenance can help prevent some serious long-term damage. Keep in mind the above four tips when you get your windows installed. Just getting the right windows isn’t everything. Maintenance and repair goes a long way. It helps in increasing their overall life so you wont have to replace those windows again.