This occurs when the warm air inside your home meets up with the cold glass of your window. It is something unusual and has become more prevalent over the years. This happens because of low quality windows. When heat could escape to the outside and homes are not airtight it was difficult for condensation to form.

Is it bad?

A little dew on the window isn’t problematic; it simply means that your home and your windows are keeping you insulated from the outside elements. However if the windows are wet they need to be wiped down with a dry towel. Moisture that drips from those windows will leave soggy spots on your drywall and insulation. It could also lead to growth in mold and mildew 

How to control the amount of condensation

In order to control the amount of condensation on your windows you can make slight adjustments such as:

  • Controlling the humidity level at home
  • Ventilating everything you can to the outside. Keep warm air outside of the home can help you reduce the humidity levels, the lower the humidity level on the inside the less chance of condensation forming on the windows
  • Cracking windows if necessary. If your home doesn’t have a bathroom exhaust fan leave the window cracked so the shower steam escapes from the window.

Replace windows to control condensation

If trying the above-mentioned tips don’t help in control the condensation on your windows and your windows are older or poorly insulated. The best option you have is to replace windows. Look for windows that can be opened wide for maximum ventilation such as the Double hung windows; upper and lower sashes open. The casement windows these open at 90-degree angle.

Make sure the glass you purchase for your windows has the highest insulation factors possible like the tripe-pane design.

If you have an existing moisture or condensation problem that is not being resolved even after all of these tips mentioned. Remember windows do not cause condensation, therefore windows cannot cure them, you can get an energy efficient vinyl replacement window with warm edge technology that will greatly help in reducing condensation.

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