Like everything else, the inventory of doors and windows has been given a shuffle this year. Some of the styles went down, while some presumably or unexpectedly got on top of them. There are some which fronts the lineup so far, and by the looks of it, it’s not difficult to predict the trending for this year.

French Doors: French doors are a hit this year. A much improved variety of casement doors, these fitments have changed the way living rooms used to be. Wide and expansive with an ensemble of glass and wood, these fiberglass doors in Toronto are just what you need to beautify the ceiling to floor openings of your living room.

Flush Doors: Flush doors are economic choices for homes and apartments. Though they are not exactly decorative, they do offer you the choice of prettying them up. Use wallpapers or go creative with a paint brush to light up the plain looks of these very affordable doors. They do not take much space, nor much of your budget. However, they do last really long and make a good fit to any entryway.

Pocket Doors: It’s time to go modular. Pocket doors are how sliding doors came to evolve after years. These doors do not take up the space of swing doors, nor do a half-job as sliding ones. Fitted on a track and rollers, these doors open inside the walls on both sides. All they need is a stretch of hollow walls on both sides.