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Window technology has improved over the years. Everyone needs to upgrade their windows over the years. What makes them different is their efficiency and comfort. After you have made the decision to purchase new windows to replace the olds ones.

Here’s what you need to do:


Research: Begin with researching all types of windows. Keeping in mind your home’s architecture try to select the one that goes with it.

Choose your material: Your local pioneer representative will help you choose the right material for your windows and doors. Vinyl windows could be a good idea, they are also popular among today’s homeowners because they insulate as well as wood but they are low maintenance.

Select your glass: The modern windows are constructed with two or three panes of glass. Low-E coatings boast energy performance; increase levels of clarity, reflectivity and UV protection. The best combination depends on where you live. Latitude Glass gives you a lot of options you can choose the best one for your home.

Consider Efficiency: In order to understand better insulating properties of your windows keep in mind the R-value. All Pioneer windows meet or exceed energy requirements and may make you eligible for tax credits.

Choose window styles: This is where your aesthetic sense comes into play. This is completely up to you to decide what style to get according to the design of your window. These windows are available in a wide range of styles from double hung windows to vinyl awning windows. Choose the one that works best for your home.

Customize with colors, finishes and decorative options: We offer a wide range of colors and finish combinations. Including interior finish options and exterior colors to make your home the perfect look and feel. You can also add designer art glass and grids for a more beautiful view. Pioneer vinyl windows are available in white, cream, sandstone and grey. Keep in mind that Pioneer windows match any color that our customers have in mind. Other window options include tempered glass, frosted glass and triple glass.

Understand warranty coverage: A warranty coverage that includes the entire window and is transferable.


Shop for the right windows at Pioneer

Pioneer is proud to offer the most stunning windows; a wide variety of styles, well built and highly efficient. These windows are beautifully crafted whether you need one awning window or a complete set of custom replacement windows. We make sure we stand behind each and every window with a lifetime warranty and excellent customer service that will surely exceed your expectations.