Now that you have decided to replace your windows apart from the style and architectural design, safety is an important aspect to be considered. The word home gives a sense of security, comfort and wellbeing. While purchasing or even renovating a house we get too lost in other details of it all that we completely forget how important it is for a home to be safe. We decide to spend thousands on style and construction and by the time that’s figured out we are too exhausted to think about how to actually make it safe and secure for our families.

The problem is when you finally realize you have a dangerous situation it’s usually way too late to do anything about it. Making your home the safest place can be hard and it’s a never-ending job however you can be vigilant and assertive to provide a safe environment for your children. While locking up dangerous cleaning supplies to protect your children, you might as well look around to see if the windows are closed. Teach your children to stay away from windows and to never lean on them.


Windows also provide a crucial escape and rescue route in case there is a fire or an emergency. A window used for a rescue route requires a large opening. You should always take extra measures to ensure a safe atmosphere at home so here what you can do to prevent any safety hazards:


  • Close and lock your windows when children are around
  • Insect screens are only used for ventilation and to keep insects out. Never rely on them for holding a child’s weight
  • Place furniture away from windows to ensure children cant climb and reach the windows
  • Ventilation should only be from windows that are away from children’s reach
  • Tech your children to stay away from windows
  • Bedrooms and other sleeping areas must have a secondary escape in case of fire and smoke
  • Most importantly never leave children unattended


Window falls are predictable yet preventable. There are so many other precautions you can you take to avoid any unforeseen accident. You can also limit the window slash to 4 inches and feature a manual override mechanism for emergency escape.