New windows especially the ones incorporated on the front door add value and beauty to your home. Window replacement also helps in saving money on your energy bills. In order to find out the window type that goes with your home choose the window that is easy to clean and maintain.

These types of windows are a best for your home when you are looking for something artsy such as clear texture, energy efficient and light colored windows. You can use these windows for decorative purposes but these are the least suitable for homes.


Advantages on the other hand are:

  • They look versatile and attractive
  • If you want to enjoy a bit more privacy at home stained glass windows help. These windows are ornately decorated making the view from both ends blur.
  • No matter what the design is stained glass always look stunning. The light when hits each piece it makes the color flow more meticulously. In other words it does brighten and enhance a boring room.


Below are some of the disadvantages of stained glass windows:

  • There’s limited light, which is one of the biggest disadvantages of stained glass. That light that passes through is then further blocked because of a dark colored glass or a busy design. The light is one of the most significant aspects, which makes your home brighter it also adds to the beauty, and architecture of your home. The stained glass window makes your house darker and you need to depend on the lighting system, which then leads to a higher hydro bill.
  • These darker windows add to the privacy of your home but the obstructed view works both ways. When you are looking in or out the sceneries can be blurry. The visibility is the main drawback of these windows
  • Cleaning and maintenance is not easy at all. These windows are extremely high maintenance and if you decide to use the wrong material to clean these windows you may harm the windows more. The stained glass objects easily collect smoke from candles, dirt and dust. They need regular cleaning. Stained glass windows are not a cost effective idea.


Stained glass windows have their pros and cons however we advice you to opt for a window is to choose windows that go best with your architecture, windows that are durable, low maintenance and elegant. When you continue to use these glasses as ancient pieces they seem to reflect art however when these are displayed all over the house they seem garish instead of elegant and neat.