Replacing Exterior Doors

 The exterior doors add to the value and curb appeal of your home. When you decide to upgrade the exterior doors there are many things you need to keep in mind. The architectural style to intrinsic glass details, there are so many ways to transform an old exterior door into something modern, fresh and unique.

We suggest you keep the following tips in mind firstly decide the material you want to use secondly pick the style that goes well with your architecture and lastly get a professional to install your windows so all that effort doesn’t go to waste.

Below is the list of material that can be used:


Steel: One of the most cost effective options you can find. It is an excellent choice for harsh Canadian weather and not only does it offer strength but also durability. It requires minimal maintenance. So, we suggest if you are looking for economical modern option; steel can be your best bet!

Fiberglass: These doors have an immense style variety to choose from, from decorative glass inserts to the look of real wood, all in your budget. Fiberglass is durable and works great in harsh weather conditions.

Wood: If you are looking for a beautiful entrance door with a handcrafted touch, wood is the best material option for you. Wood doors require maintenance every year such as repainting and refinishing to prevent splitting and deforming.


Door Slabs and Prehung Systems:

A door slab refers to the door itself on the other hand prehung system is the door handing with its own frame. A prehung door consists of parts like frame, hinges that are installed during the door installation. If you think you don’t need a prehung door because the door you originally have is doing a pretty decent job then maybe you should get the door slab.


Measuring and Installing:

Once you have decided whether you want a prehung door or a door slab, the next step is measurement. The easiest and the most reliable method include removing interior or exterior trim to expose the actual opening so you can measure the door properly. Determine the height of the finished floor along with rough opening; this has to be figured out before the door installation. We suggest you measure in three places to determine opening is level, square and plumb.


Now that you have pretty much everything ready, its time you select the door style in accordance with your architectural design of the house and then figure out the material that you want to use and finally measure the door that you want to replace. Begin your search by browsing through our wide variety of exterior door styles for inspiration and ideas.