Patio Doors

These doors are the main source of sunlight into your home. They not only provide comfort and convenience but they also tend to be the most popular feature of the house.

Just like windows there are several great options for replacing a patio door. Patio doors are available in many styles and configurations to make the entrance beautiful yet modern and distinctive. Start your selection by going through our set of sliding doors or swing doors, those look absolutely stunning opening up to a nice patio place. The most commonly used is the French door.

Browse through our website about different styles of patio furniture doors. Once you’ve selected the style you want the next step is to determine the material you want. Here’s a list of material that we think works best for patio doors:


Clad Wood: these are low maintenance exterior metal cladding door with a coat of armor for protection from elements. The doors are beautiful, they are made out of wood with metal cladding outside. The finish is durable and can be done in a variety of different colors.


Wood: The wooden patio doors are beautiful they are made from natural wood. Wood is also used for interior and exterior doors. Natural wood is a great idea for patio doors since it reduces wood rot and water saturation. Patio doors are easy to take care of.


Vinyl: This material is used for being durable and secure. Patio doors are reliable with glass. There are so many design options for vinyl doors.


Aluminum: These doors are lightweight and are most frequently used in homes, which are located in warmer climate areas. Aluminum patio doors are also cost effective.


The right features for the doors are as follows:


Door configuration: Make panels to create a grand opening. You can add two to four panels to make it look more beautiful and big.


Grilles: These are decorative pieces that are used to divide the glass into panes. Grilles are used with sliding glass doors to further accent the architecture of the house.


Glass options: The glass option is best with sliding doors that are both excellent in terms of style and performance. The glass comes with impact resistance that works best with harsh climate condition. The Low-E glass improves energy efficiency and provides UV protection. The tempered glass is used to provide extra strength that enables to withstand any force or pressure on its surface.

Pet Panel: If you own a pet consider making a pet door to provide an easy access to your pets.