Modern Interior Door

Interior doors are perfect for privacy and easily tucking away any clutter around the house. Being easy to let these important workhorses blend into the background these doors not only enhance your home through style but also are extremely convenient.

Below is the list of interior doors available:

Pocket: these pocket doors are excellent at saving space. This smart idea can slide into the wall making it easier for you make room for the rest of your belongings.

Sliding: The sliding doors are a great idea. They don’t take a lot of space and slide alongside.

Panel and Flush: these are made of wood with a flat, smooth surface on both sides

Barn: These feature a track that runs on the side of the doorway and can come as a single or paired unit.

Folding: These are best for your laundry room and your closet. They are either bifold but they don’t save much space as the pocket or sliding closet does.

French: French doors are known for being elegant and stylish. They take up less space and they come as a pair that looks absolutely magnificent at home.

Dutch:These doors are divided horizontally into two sections. They open at the top or the entire door can open as one if you choose.


Material to use:

The best material options available are:

Wood: There are a variety of wood species available in the market. Wood generally has a longer than usual life span it is best used on exterior, wood entryways is prone to warping. It is not suitable for bathroom entryways or any other place with dramatic change in temperature.

Hollow core: This is plywood or composite shell that has nothing in the middle. The most affordable option you may have in the market however keep in mind that they wont insulate against sound and temperature change.

Solid core: This is similar to hollow core. The style is filled with wood fiber that helps insulate against sound and temperature. This is your affordable and good quality option other than solid wood

Glass and metal: Sleek interior nowadays involves a lot of glass and metal. These styles are becoming increasingly common inside homes. They are your most expensive option but they do provide durability and are so pretty to look at!


While getting your internal doors don’t forget to see the space you need to open and close the door, which side the door will swing to, handle placement and dimensions. To find out more about the size you need to measure the top, middle and the bottom of your doorway and finally calculate a rough estimate of the opening size and don’t forget to add two inches to the width and three inches to the height.


Modern Interior Doors

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