Window designs

 The design details for interior or exterior windows are immense. Once you plan the next step is to figure out which design goes with the house architecture. Here are the numbers of design details you can look into before you begin:

Color options: Add beautiful colors to your windows with a wide variety of range of colors to choose from. Colors are available in clad wood, vinyl and aluminum windows. These colors add to the visual appeal of the house whether it is interior or exterior furnishings.

Hardware: Our variety of hardware finishes will complement your existing décor.

Grilles: These are used to accent the architecture of your home. They are decorative pieces that split windows into panes. The common kind of grilles is simulated divided lites that create an illusion of a true divided lite window. GBG (Grilles between glass) are the most cost effective option that minimizes cleaning. The rest of the options are removable grilles.

Glass options: Glass adds style and performance to your windows. Impact resistant glass provides protection from harsh climate conditions such as hurricane forced winds. It also has energy benefits such as protection against UV fading.


Window types:

We offer a wide variety of windows such as the casement, awning, single-hung, double hung and sliding windows. When choosing a window type always keep in mind the architectural style of your home. This really helps in styling your home as well as performance features. For instance the casement windows are known for providing maximum airflow. Double hung or single hung are best for east cleaning.


Measuring and installing:

Once you figure out the kind of window you want make sure you measure it properly. Determine if the windows frames you are working with are square, level and plumb. If you are still having trouble trying to measure your windows then you can always call us and our customer service representative will be happy to assist you.

Now that we have everything figured out, we hope you’re all set to select the type of windows you need for your home. Begin your search by going to our website and looking over the wide variety of window options available.