Energy Efficiency

Energy-Efficient Windows for Better View & Comfort

Whether you are replacing existing windows, or building a new home, chances are you'll want to select the most energy efficient windows available.

Who doesn't like to save money on their energy bill each month? Luckily there's Pioneer. We offer some of the most advanced technologies in energy efficiency in the window and patio door industry. Not only are our windows more energy efficient, but they also help protecting your carpet and furniture from fading. Select Pioneer for higher energy savings while providing comfort in every season.

It all starts with the glass!

The glass you select is the single most important component when considering energy efficient windows & patio doors. No other component has as much affect on the type of energy savings you'll experience in your home. That's why Pioneer offers some of the best insulated glass units in the industry.

Insulating Low-E Glass Options:

Low E (Emissivity) Glass provides year round comfort and energy savings. Low-E is glass with a transparent metallic oxide coating applied onto or into a glass surface. The coating allows short-wave energy to pass through, but reflects long-wave infrared energy which improves the U-Value.

Low-E high-performance glass is the best way to protect your home from outside temperatures. Low-E glass prevents the warm air from escaping your glass in the winter and the cool air from escaping your glass in the summer. It will also protect your furniture and the interior of your house from sun damage.

Argon Gas is an odourless, colorless, tasteless, non-toxic gas which is six times denser than air. It is used to replace air between the glass panes to reduce temperature transfer.

What type of spacer is in my windows? Does it really matter?

You bet it matters! Here's why...

Standard windows use a highly conductive metal spacer bar to hold the two panes of glass apart, which sucks heat from inside to the outside. Super Spacer introduces no-metal warm edge technology to windows, helping to deliver windows of the highest standards. Super SpacerĀ® is a no-metal, pre-desiccated, structural foam spacer system. Its award winning, patented Thermal Set Spacer (TSS) technology gives the ultimate in high performance spacer systems. Since it was first introduced in 1989, Super Spacer has become the dominant force in thermally efficient spacer systems.

Think about what windows go through. They have to face extreme temperature changes all year. Plus, they're bombarded with UV rays, barometric pressure changes and nasty wind.

Luckily, there's a simple way to give your windows an advantage in reducing energy costs, ensuring durability and adding comfort and value to your home. It's foam - a unique formula we call Super Spacer.

What is a Super Spacer?

Super Spacer has 100% memory and allows for expansion and contraction, a major cause of fractures in conventional sealed units. In accelerated testing Super Spacer has been shown to last over twice as long as other dual seal systems and five times longer than single seal systems.

Most UPVC and traditional timber windows include low line glazing beads and gaskets. This creates problems for standard aluminum spacer bars which protrude into the sightline of the window. Super Spacer has a lower sightline (equivalent to only 9.8mm from the edge of the glass) which eradicates the problem.

Super Spacer also takes on the appearance of the colour of the profile into which it is glazed. For example, if Super Spacer is glazed into white profile the spacer reflects back white. This eliminates the need to stock a wide range of different colours and simplifies ordering and stock control.

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