Frequently Asked Questions

What is R-value and U-Value?
R-value is the resistance a material has to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the resistance. U-value is the amount of heat transferred through a material. The lower the U-value, the slower the rate of heat flow and the better the insulating quality.
How can Pioneer windows and doors help me save money on my energy bill?

Whether you are replacing existing windows, or building a new home, chances are you'll want to select the most energy efficient windows available. Who doesn't like to save money on their energy bill each month? Luckily there's Pioneer Window & Door Company. We offer some of the most advanced technologies in energy efficiency in the window and door industry. Not only are our windows more energy efficient, but they also help protecting your carpet and furniture from fading. Select Pioneer for higher energy savings while providing comfort in every season.

The glass you select is the single most important component when considering energy efficient windows and doors. No other component has as much affect on the type of energy savings you'll experience in your home. That's why we offer Super Spacer® to give you the best insulated glass units in the industry.

The Benefits of Our Glass Offerings:
• Energy and Cost Savings
• Improved Comfort
• Less Condensation
• Increased Light and View
• Reduced Fading
What causes condensation on windows?

Condensation, or "sweating," is a natural occurrence on all windows and is caused by excess humidity, or invisible water vapour, present in the air. When this water vapour comes in contact with a surface which is at a cooler temperature, the vapour turns to visible droplets of moisture.

Each window has many features built in to keep the temperature of the glass as warm as possible and thus reduce condensation. Our insulating glass units provide superior energy efficiency to reduce the potential for condensation. However, there is no such thing as a condensation-free window in high humidity conditions. Controlling the amount of moisture in your home is the most effective action you can take to avoid condensation.

What is Low E/Argon-filled glass, and how does it work?

Low E (Emissivity) Glass provides year round comfort and energy savings. Low-E is glass with a transparent metallic oxide coating applied onto or into a glass surface. The coating allows short-wave energy to pass through, but reflects long-wave infrared energy which improves the U-Value.

Low-E high-performance glass is the best way to protect your home from outside temperatures. Low-E glass prevents the warm air from escaping your glass in the winter and the cool air from escaping your glass in the summer. It will also protect your furniture and the interior of your house from sun damage.

Argon Gas is an odourless, colorless, tasteless, non-toxic gas which is six times denser than air. It is used to replace air between the glass panes to reduce temperature transfer.

Do all of your windows come with double-pane glass?
Yes, all of our windows come standard with insulated (double-pane) glass. All of our windows are also available in insulated (triple-pane) glass.
What is the difference between Pioneer Window and other window manufacturers?
When dealing with Pioneer Window & Door Company, there are no middlemen involved. Beginning with sales, to manufacturing, to ending with installation, the journey takes you from start to finish with Pioneer Window & Door Company's skilled, qualified personnel, bringing you the very best value in energy efficient vinyl windows and doors, direct from us to you.
Do foam-filled windows offer more energy efficiency?

Foam filling is mostly a sales gimmick designed to make you believe it will give you the warmest window possible, and you know it works. Most people believe it, but in reality the $10.00-$30.00 you pay for it that you may know or not know about can't be recovered in actual energy savings in a hundred years. It's all hype. The hollows in a properly built window do the same thing.

Vinyl window frames offer many advantages because they require little maintenance and mold easily into almost any shape. The thermal performance of vinyl windows depends on the type and quality of the window. At least one manufacturer produces frames filled with foam insulation. Computer calculations from the laboratory test suggest that the R-value difference between foam-filled and hollow vinyl windows adds little to the overall window energy performance...

In fact, research shows that manufacturers and sales reps who claim foam-filled frames offer higher energy efficiency do so to help add structural strength to their window. With Pioneer, you're guaranteed to get the most energy efficient window with Multi-chamber design that provides superior energy performance, strong stable frames, and delivers excellent noise reduction.

What should I do if an item or option I need is not listed on the website?
We are continually developing our website, if something you need is not listed it may be available. Please email us with any such requests.

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