Awning Windows

Pioneer Windows and Doors are a Toronto awning window supplier and installer. The awning windows our company provides to customers are classic and luxurious in look and offer a strong and weather-resistant shield for your home.

Awning Windows in Toronto

The awning windows we supply are designed to look beautiful, complete with triple weather strips and multi point locks. These features ensure that our customers’ homes are protected from all weather conditions and that our customers can enjoy significant savings on their energy bills.For actual operation of the window, our Toronto awning windows are made with high quality hinges for smooth operation and are designed in a way which makes complete window cleaning simple and easy. By using our fusion welded technique, the window’s frames and sashes are welded and sealed to eliminate potential air leakage and maintain its classic look.

Our Toronto awning windows come with a lifetime warranty.

To better serve our customers, we offer our awning windows supply and installation in Burlington, Mississauga, Pickering, Kitchener and Waterloo.

For more information about our awning windows, please see below:

Energy Savings
Our windows come with energy efficient insulated glass for year-round comfort and energy savings. Dual weather-stripping provides an energy efficient, virtually weather-tight seal. ENERGY STAR compliant in all four climate zones with Low-E glass.
Built to Last
Fusion-welded vinyl construction creates a strong, durable, weather-tight window. The Pioneer Lifetime Warranty ensures that your windows will be energy efficient with reliable performance for as long as you own your home.

Enhance Your Home
Our design options allow you to create a window that will complement the unique look of your home. Choose from several color options and grill patterns to create windows that will beautifully enhance your home.
Virtually Maintenance Free
Vinyl windows never need painting. The color is consistent throughout the vinyl, making scratches virtually invisible. Tilt-in sashes make cleaning a breeze.

Glass Options

Pioneer Windows offers several types of glass for just about any requirement. From energy savings, to sound control, to privacy, one of our many choices is sure to meet your needs.

Energy-Saver Low-E Glass

Low-E reduces heating and cooling costs while keeping your home more comfortable all year long. Low-E also reduces fading to window treatments, furniture and floor coverings caused by harmful UV rays.

Other Glass Choices Include
1. Tempered Glass
2. Frosted Glass
3. Tripple Glass
Maintenance Free Grilles

Grilles - or Grids - are sealed inside the glass unit, providing the look of muntins without the difficulty of cleaning them. Choose from two different grille types: flat or contour grilles. Several grille patterns are available, including Colonial, Prairie and Diamond patterns.

Color Options

Most Pioneer vinyl windows are available in White, Cream, Sandstone and Grey. Please keep in mind that Pioneer Windows can color match any color that our customers have in mind.

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